sabato 22 ottobre 2011

gsKaraoke: Karaoke for Linux made simply !

Hi, today i want to review my new creation: gsKaraoke.
It is a simple GUI (written in GTK# and Mono) for Timidity, the famous software synthesizer for Linux (and also for Windows). 
I love Timidity because with it, you can play really good sound midi, but the problem is that timidity (as many other Linux software) is a terminal only application. 
Well, you can also use old timidity internal gui, or maybe kMid, or..again, pyKaraoke, but i would like to create something simpler to use.

So, in my last 2 free days, i opened my Monodevelop installation and started to code a simple Gui interface in C# and Gtk#. 

You cand download at the moment only the 0.0.1 binary version hosted on Sourceforge and as soon as possible i will upload also the full source code. 
To play with it, you need Mono runtime and timidity.

For Debian / Ubuntu installation the steps are: 

  • sudo apt-get install mono timidity
To launch the application: mono gsKaraoke.exe

Any others documentation will be available in the new blog dedicated to this application here (like Faq, changelog ...). 

Update: at the moment gsKaraoke is fully based on Timidity. There are problem with some .Kar on sync and lyrics showing. As soon as possible i want to solve this problem, but in my opinion the software is enough usable.